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Addison Smith

Export User Details from HCSS Credenials to Excel

We do quarterly audits for what our users have access to in all of our systems so that our end of year audit by Price Waterhouse Coopers goes smoothly.  This helps us stay up to date and remove users who quit the company, were terminated or switched positions.  In any of the cases, their user accounts need to be removed.   An export to excel of all their user setup and application access information would allow us to quickly perform the audit.  Currently we need to compare the on screen information to the list of employees.  Having the information quickly export to Excel would allow us to use the VLOOKUP function and compare the two lists.

  • Eugene Eshbach
  • Oct 23 2015
  • Developed
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  • Michael Bordelon commented
    March 4, 2016 14:54

    This is definitely a priority EE.  We will be doing this soon.

  • Admin
    Addison Smith commented
    September 29, 2016 13:55

    FYI...This function is now live in production.  If you look under the Licensing tab, the Subscription Report has the capabilities to export to Excel.  This report works very similar to the overview reports in HeavyJob.  You can group, filter and sort any of the columns.  This report will also give you numbers of timecards, diaries, approvals, meetings and inspections that were submitted by each individual.  You should expect a full writeup in the next few days.